Didymos: Weird Name, Wonderful Wrap

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DidymosWhy, you may ask, am I writing a review of a wrap I didn’t buy?  Here’s my short philosophy on baby gear.  Our family either buys one superior product in a category – say strollers, carrier, or breast pumps, or we buy two or three less expensive and more specialized products from that category. 

If we’re sold on a product’s durability, versatility, and craftsmanship, one is usually enough.  But if one product won’t fill the anticipated need, we buy two different versions, which usually means the highest quality (read most expensive) is crossed off our shopping list.

In short, that’s why my kids are toted in a combination of Bjorn, Moby, Scootababy, and Kelty.  (The Scootababy was a gift and the Kelty was free thanks to our REI dividend and coupon). 

I tried the Didymos wrap  in the store and loved it.  I even borrowed my neighbor’s a couple of times.  But the Didy runs from $120 to $180 and we wanted versatility.  I wanted a wrap for closeness, nursing, and sling-type wear.  My husband wanted a click and go carrier like the Bjorn. 

In gathering my notes for this review, I returned to the store where I first tried the Didymos and wore it around the store with my daughter for half an hour.  It’s a small store and they’re used to this kind of high maintenance customer.  Most of my memories of this product’s strengths were borne out again.  Here’s what I found:


Organic and ethical are the two words that come to mind with the Didymos manufacturing loop.  All organic cotton dyed with Oetek-rated nontoxic dyes (natural vegetable dyes aren’t in any products yet, as they fade out too much).  Cotton is shipped to the plants in Austria and Germany, where it’s made into yarn, which is woven into beautiful and numerous jacquard fabrics. 

The only wrap made with jacquard, the Didymos wrap is unique in offering the ideal fabric for wraps.  Only this dense, fine jacquard weave offers

  • Durability
  • A bit of stretch
  • Friction that keeps knots tight   
  • A parallelogram shape, and, hence, tapered pointed ends that aren’t bulky when hanging from the knots

While all wraps advertise that they are multipurpose and can be used as hammocks, blankets, and sunshades, with the Didy, I actually feel like our bums would stay dry when sitting on damp grass. 

Yet, at the same time,  the thickness of the weave actually improves its tie-ability.  With the Moby, which I love and use often (mine’s red), I find I’m occasionally tightening the knots because the fabric is a bit too stretchy.  To their credit, Moby’s new Moby D model has a silk fabric panel where baby sits, which is supposed to reduce the stretch-effect.

Ease of Wear/Comfort 

High marks here for Didymos wrap and ring-sling.  With the introduction of their O-ring sling, which can be worn front, side, and back, Didymos hasn’t sacrificed comfort.  They use the same fabric and no matter which way I wore my daughter, the O-ring was never digging in to either of us.  I also liked the ring as a handy place to attach keys or a baby toy (which are sometimes one in the same).

With ease of wear, you have to factor in the tying style of the wrap and the steep learning curve of tying any wrap.  A new Didymos is a bit harder to tie because of the jacquard, but it gets more malleable over time. 

Sizing and Versatility

You can order the didymos wrap in three sizes:

  • size 5 – petite/short person
  • size 6 – medium-height person
  • size 7 – tall person

I am an average sized person and used the size 5.  For me, it just meant that there was less extra cloth hanging from my knot when I tied the wrap.

As for versatility, Didymos ties like most other wraps and allows you to burse your baby in privacy, have her in front facing in or out, have her in back, or on your hip.

Didy’s Shortcomings

My daughter was squirmier than usual in the front hold facing out.  I think it might be because she’s used to the Bjorn at this point, which has more upper body freedom than the Didymos affords.

Aside from the high price, the only other minor dent in this sling’s otherwise spotless reputation is that the quality of the jacquard weave that keeps the wrap snuggly where you’ve tied it is the same quality that makes it a bit harder to tie than other wraps with a blend of lycra.

The Bottom Line

If money is not an issue and you want a sling o wrap, Didymos is tops.  If you can only buy one carrier, it’s jot the most versatile, as it comes in three different sizes that won’t work for wearers in the same family who differ in height by more than 16 inches.    If you can afford it and a sling or wrap is all you want, the Didymos is your best bet.  The rare combination of stretch and structure in the jacquard weave makes it the most hands-free wrap around.


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