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Make it a Double: Baby Carriers for Twins

Make it a Double: Baby Carriers for Twins

Congratulations!  You’ve been riding the multiples roller coaster since you first saw two (or more) cute little bean-shapes on the ultrasound.  Months later, they’ve arrived and the questions have surely piled up.  Do we feed them at once?  Should they sleep at the same time?  Will they wake each other up?  Will we, their parents, ever sleep again?  When are the grandparents coming to help?  I know carrying them is a great way to soothe …

Didymos: Weird Name, Wonderful Wrap

Didymos: Weird Name, Wonderful Wrap

Why, you may ask, am I writing a review of a wrap I didn’t buy?  Here’s my short philosophy on baby gear.  Our family either buys one superior product in a category – say strollers, carrier, or breast pumps, or we buy two or three less expensive and more specialized products from that category. 

If we’re sold …

With Kelty, No Child Left Inside

With Kelty, No Child Left Inside

Ranging in price from $119 to $239, six Kelty baby backpack carriers and one convertible carrier round out this company’s baby wearing line-up. My review focuses on the three with external light-weight aluminum frames.
What is an External Frame Carrier?
Kelty offers three easy-to-differentiate models, which I will briefly describe.  But other manufacturers like Sherpani, Deuter, and …

The Ergo Baby Carrier: What to Consider Before Buying

The Ergo Baby Carrier: What to Consider Before Buying

I can’t remember when I first heard about the Ergo, or who recommended it. Perhaps that’s because there were just so darn many endorsements from friends, family, and other new moms.  It does have several drawbacks, however, which I’d like …

Balboa Sling: A Cinch For Newbies

Balboa Sling: A Cinch For Newbies

Formerly the NoJo, the Balboa Sling is the Dr. Sears-endorsed adjustable sling with reinforced edges and a double o-ring for easy adjustment.  Balboa’s construction is of  largely breathable cotton.

Read on to learn the reasons most first-time parents and parents of infants (0-6 …

Scootababy – U.S.-Based New Hip Carrier

Scootababy - U.S.-Based New Hip Carrier

Located in Sunnyvale, California, just a few miles from my home, Scootababy is a fairly new company that launched its hip carrier, which is featured in small boutiques and babygear stores.  If you have an older child and you’re on the hunt for a carrier that will relieve your arms and provide ample support for …

Why Moms Love Moby

Why Moms Love Moby

Not named for the whale or the musician, the Moby is meant to evoke the image of the Mobius Strip – that figure-eight looking shape you can make by taking a strip of paper, twisting it once, and bringing the ends back together to form an unending band of paper.  And the Moby Wrap holds …

The Wrapsody: A Baby Carrier for Your Little Fish

The Wrapsody: A Baby Carrier for Your Little Fish

I have to admit I was skeptical about this company’s release of a wrap-style baby carrier that could be worn in the water.  But after having it for about a month, I can attest that there’s more than one watery use for this wrap, which costs around $55.

The Wrapsody Water wrap is made by GypsyMama, but this isn’t your tie-dyed hippy-mama baby wrap. …

Bjorn Again: A Baby Carrier’s New Models Worth It?

Bjorn Again: A Baby Carrier's New Models Worth It?

[caption id="attachment_327" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="The Babybjorn Air"][/caption]I have a friend with seven kids between the ages two and twelve.  The three eldest are girls, followed by a run of four boys.  While the kids’ clothes wore out, while strollers broke, while sippy cups cracked and went to the recycle bin, one old stand-by lasted through seven periods of babyhood.  You guessed it: …

A Front and Back Baby Carrier – Introducing the Ergo

Front and back baby carriers give you great versatility when deciding how to carry your baby. Slings can be worn on the front or side but usually are not recommended for holding the baby on your back. Wraps work very well as front, side, hip, or back carriers – positions are limited only by your imagination and your skill in tying the wrap. Some of the newer structured carriers are designed so that newborns are …



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  • Preventing Rashes from Baby Slings

    A baby’s skin is so delicate and sensitive that there are a number of materials that can cause a rash to their skin in a short period of time, including baby slings. Baby slings were introduced as a companion for new mothers to be hands free while holding their babies …

    Baby Carriers Work… Here’s All of the Reasons Why

    The Stroller Set

    Before I had my two kids, I had a lot of experience interacting with numerous strangers with babies in malls, on sidewalks,  and in grocery stores.  Most of the parents I recall interacting with were stroller-pushers and most of our interactions consisted of smashed toes, clipped heels, exasperated …

    Top Seven Questions About Baby Carriers

    Scanning my parents’ group message boards, there are certain questions that pop up more frequently than others when moms and dads are discussing which carrier is best for their baby.  Here’s a run-down of the top seven questions and their answers:

    1. “Is the BabyBjorn safe?  I heard it wasn’t.  Why?”

    Some …

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