Baby Backpacks – Rugged carriers to hike in the great outdoors

Do you love the outdoors? Wish to take baby with you? Then a baby backpack is your answer! Designed for older infants and active parents, these carriers are great for long excursions around town, hiking and even camping. With safety, durability and comfort in mind, baby carriers are often built with extra wide shoulder straps, a sturdy frame and a comfortable pouch for baby to fit into. Most backpacks are designed for infants 25 to 40 pounds, or about 1 to 5 years old. Some larger packs even have a built in seat. The infant can look your shoulders, gleefully seeing the world up high like mom and dad. He will be well supported and can extend both arms to survey his surroundings, as well as comfortably nestle in for a nap.

Loaded with accessories

As baby backpacks are designed for the outdoors, most models come with many accessories practical and necessary for a long journey. At the very least, look for a model with the following features:

  • a detachable sun or rain canopy to shelter baby
  • adjustable frame height so it can be fitted for different caregivers
  • storage for other belongings, like diapers, baby clothing and food

Features in higher-end models include a removable child cockpit that can also be turned into a day pack, cushy seats for baby, plenty of removable storage compartments, a wide belt for back support, and a kickstand to load baby in without worrying about the backpack falling over. Removable and washable compartments are key, in case your infant has an accident!

As your baby joins you for exciting outdoor excursions, remember a few basic safety rules: never leave your child unattended in the carrier, consider wearing a hat with a strap so baby doesn’t tug on your hair, don’t lean a backpack on a bench or rock, as even the sturdiest kickstands aren’t designed as stable baby seats, and make sure baby is comfortable and well protected during those hot, sunny afternoons or occasional rain storms.

Read about what to look for in a baby backpack, then search for a durable backpack and enjoy a weekend showing baby the wonderful outdoors!


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