Preventing Rashes from Baby Slings

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A baby’s skin is so delicate and sensitive that there are a number of materials that can cause a rash to their skin in a short period of time, including baby slings. Baby slings were introduced as a companion for new mothers to be hands free while holding their babies close, this is commonly called babywearing. Before modern slings were invented, parents would use a number of various items to cradle their baby to their bodies including long cloths, shawls, scarves and bed sheets.

Modern day baby slings offer mothers a perfect way to bond with their baby while being hands free and attending to other matters.

Depending on your preference, the carriers below can be an ideal way to bond with your child and keep them close while you stay hands free. Choosing the best wrap for you and your child shouldn’t be too difficult, make sure to complete additional research for age restrictions on baby carriers and safety reviews.

Types of Slings

The modern day baby slings comes in a variety of different types, they include:

  • Baby Slings – For use with infants and toddlers these baby slings are normally one shoulder carriers.
  • Pouches – Pouches are one shoulder carriers with a sleek style and are used for infants and very young toddlers.
  • Ring Sling – One shoulder carrier that can be adjusted to size and weight through a ring clip. Offers a long tail that can be used for nursing or tucked under as additional cushion.
  • Wraps – Wraps are the most versatile of all baby wraps and are known to support the back and hips better than any other baby carrier on the market.
  • Stretchy Wraps – The best carrier for newborns on the market, it is recommended to use this wrap only on the front of the body as opposed to the back.
  • Woven Wraps – Very supportive and versatile, these wraps are ideal for newborns and toddlers up to three years of age.

Once you have purchased your baby sling the below information will help you to keep your baby free from fabric rashes that can affect your child with extended use of the sling.

Types of Rashes

The following rashes are the typical rashes that children and babies acquire, not all of them are caused by material or slings in general. Some are simple rashes that can go away on their own while others will need medical attention as soon as possible.

  • Psoriasis – An inflammation disorder of the skin caused by white blood cells that mistakenly attack the skin. It is acquired by genetics and sometimes following a throat infection.
  • Diaper Rash – An irritation of the skin that is red sometimes has small white bumps. It can be caused from a number of things for a prolonged period of time including urine, stools, lotions, powders and fabric softener.
  • Scabies – An itchy skin condition that is caused from a skin deep mite infestation.
  • Atopic Eczema – Babies symptoms include itchy red, raised areas on the face, neck, arms, or legs while older children will have the condition in the crease of their arms, legs, neck and behind the ears. Genetics play an important role in getting atopic eczema, and allergens can make the skin condition flare up.
  • Ringworm – An infection caused by a fungus called dermatophytes, it is a contagious condition and can be spread by physical contact or coming in contact with an infected persons hats, combs, brushes and bedding.
  • Erythema toxicum – A common rash that looks like a bunch of mosquito bites, it resolves on its own.
  • Milia – Little white bumps on the nose and face that are caused from blocked oil glands. When a babies oil glands open up they will go away.
  • Salmonpatches – Nests of blood vessels that normally fade away on their own.
  • Jaundice – A yellow discoloration of the skin that is caused by an excess of bilirubin, they can pose a health threat so it is recommended to contact your pediatrician upon this skin condition.
  • Mongolian Spots – Flat grayish blue discoloration of the skin that is caused from some pigment that did not make it to the top layer.

Depending on the rash your child has will greatly dictate the type of treatment he or she will need. Many of the rashes do go away on their own, but be sure to first contact your pediatrician to identify the type of rash your child may have. Some may need a surface cream to aid in the healing process while others may just need to stay clean and dry. Your pediatrician will offer the best type of treatment once the rash is identified.

Preventative Measures

To prevent rashes from occurring using baby slings, there are just a few simple things that should be done. Make sure to choose a fabric that can be easily cleaned. Wash the sling at least once a week or more depending on how soiled it may get. Allow the wrap to be fully dried before use. Don’t use the sling for longer than a few hours a day, this will allow your babies skin to have a break from the fabric.

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